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This is a multifandom blog consisting of gaming, T.V. shows, and anime. I have played A LOT of games. I love Attack on Titan. Tears are apparent.
Bottom of the sea

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I’m on my way.

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the bird or the cage?

the bird or the cage?

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Harley Quinn's Revenge

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The memories of what we have done fade only with the dimming of all lights —Tenenbaum.

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Daryl takes care of the Grimes family.

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I will make you proud Old Man

The Walking Dead | favorite scenes (12/?)

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marvel comics meme - 36 characters
bucky barnes

"i should have had the strength to stop this. but i have to live with that. i have lived with that. it’s moments like this that have made me stronger. opened my eyes to how fragile it all is. how much it all means. you can’t change the past, you can only search for the strength to change the future."